HTML5 and CSS3

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The WEB TECHIES HTML5 and CSS3 Course will teach you the creating web pages and Photoshop to HTML5. In this course you will learn using multimedia, dynamic grahpics, forms, semantic and meaningfull tags and attributes.

  • 10 Students per batch
  • 14th Mar 2016
  • Material, Source code & Videos
  • Certificate After Completion
HTML5 and CSS3 - 10 Students per batch
HTML5 and CSS3 15 Hours - 2500
  • Introduction of HTML and CSS
  • Dreamweaver Tool for UI Development Coding
  • Differences between HTML4 and HTML5
  • Advantage of HTML5
  • What We Can Do with HTML5
  • HTML5 Deprecated (Removed) Tags
  • Using HTML5 Semantic Tags / Elements
  • Using HTML5 Structural Tags / Elements
  • Using HTML5 Multimedia Tags / Elements
  • Creating HTML5 Prototypes
  • Converting Existing Pages to HTML5
  • HTML5 Form attributes and Input Types
  • HTML5 Elements in Design and Code Views
  • Introduction of JavaScript and AngularJS
  • Introduction about CSS2 / CSS3 Basics
  • CSS2 Text Properties
  • CSS2 Container Properties
  • CSS2 / CSS3 Borders
  • CSS2 / CSS3 Background Images
  • CSS3 Custom / Web Fonts
  • CSS3 Dynamic selectors
  • CSS3 Background Videos
  • CSS3 Transforms and Transitions
  • CSS3 Effects and Custom Shapes
  • CSS3 Animations
  • Responsive Fluid Grids Using CSS3
  • Responsive Fluid Images Using CSS3
  • Introduction of CSS & JavaScript Frameworks (Bootstrap 3x)